Long-term capital growth through sound real estate and venture investing

Navigo Capital Group, L.P. is an investment management company based in Santa Barbara, California, with the goal of achieving  long-term, superior returns for its investors.

  • Founded in 2001, Navigo Capital Group was originaly set-up as a holding company for various real estate holdings of its founders. Investments were distributed about equal in both real estate as well as venture capital investments in California in an angel as well as early stage phase of the various investments.Through a measured approach to a risk and reward analysis, investment projects could be originated, developed and exited with sound returns to the company's founders.

    In 2005, the company expanded its reach with the set-up of new investment holding and management subsidiaries in the US as well as in Germany to now open its resources to other, external investors.  The focus of the investment activties were shifted away from challenging venture capital investments to more long-term real estate asset class investments, which lowered the risk profile of its investments and attracted new investors to Navigo Capital.

    Navigo Capital focuses now on two main asset classes:

    • Real Estate Investments: 
      Projects in the real estate area include multi-family residential as well as commercial office and light-industrial buildings. Navigo Capital looks for mostly non-core and oportunistic real estate purchasing opportunities with some vacancies both in the US as well as in Germany.
    • Venture Capital Investments:
      Projects in the venture capital area include angle to early stage venture investments in companies in the Software, Traditional and New Media Area as well as Professional services sector with a strong focus on maximizing synergies between the portfolio companies.

    Currently the company manages Funds in the US as well as in Germany with the following distribution of assets invested.  

    • Real Estate Investments                  (80% of assets under management)
    • Venture Capital Investments           (20% of assets under management)

    Investors originate from the US as well as from Europe and the Asia-Pacific Region.

    If you would like to know more about our activities and investment returns, please contact us for a detailed brochure of our services.